How to Earn Money by Playing PUBG Mobile Game

How to Earn Money by Playing PUBG Mobile Game

Making Money by Playing PUBG Mobile: Hello friends welcome to our gaming guide blog. If you are a pro player and you are spending a lot of your time playing games then this post will help you to make money out of it. Players unknown battlegrounds (pubg mobile) is an online multiplayer battle game that is played by more than 25 million players daily. This is a realistic and thrilling battle game. Pubg game is initially launched on Xbox on Windows PC then the huge success they released on Android mobile smartphone devices now pubg mobile game is played by most of the smartphone users.
Make money by Playing pubg
Make money by Playing pubg
This made more than 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store and won the best game title in 2018. Using this much popularity and famous we can earn money by playing a pubg game. Let's see the ways to earn money by playing a pubg game. I have three ideas to make money by playing a pubg mobile game.

How to Earn Money by Playing PUBG Mobile:

Most of my blog readers asking this question is it possible to earn money by playing PUBG mobile game? The answer is yes, you can earn money by playing PUBG game by using the below methods.

1. Live stream gameplay upload on YouTube:

This is one of the best ways to earn money by playing a pubg mobile. You just record and upload your live streaming gameplay on your YouTube channel. If you have a real talent and you are a Pro player you can attract more audience by your gaming skills. If you get more subscribers or audience you can earn money easily from Google by putting advertisements on your live streaming videos.

Currently pubg mobile has four maths so I can upload different videos from different maps. You can suggest some tricks and tips win the pubg mobile game people also help you to increase the subscribers count. 

YouTube provides live streaming options so you need to just a show your gaming skills lively to your audience money by putting advertisements. The YouTube partner program helps you to earn money if you have more than 1000 subscribers and 4000 watching hours. You can also put affiliate ads on your YouTube videos. This is one of the best ways to earn money by pubg mobile.

2. Pubg mobile tournaments/events:

Millions of Players playing pubg mobile daily. Most of the players are addicted to the game because of its realistic gameplay. Everyone trying to win the chicken dinner by putting a lot of effort and time. So if they get an opportunity to win the prize money or rewards to playing pubg game they will definitely participate in the competition or tournaments. 

This type of pubg mobile tournaments age and another way to showcase their gaming skills to the World So if you want to make money in pubg game this is the best way. You have to organize a pubg mobile tournament and earn money through that. You can participate in any official tournaments to win the money or you can conduct a local pubg mobile tournament to earn money by getting the entry fees. 

To conduct a pubg mobile tournament, first of all, you need a custom room card if you have Elite Royal pass or Elite plus Royal pose gator room code at level 95 where you can create unlimited rooms for 7 days. This Elite Royale pass and Elite plus Royal pass is paid one you have to invert some money to purchase these Elite forces custom room cards.

Before conducting the pubg mobile tournament try to plan the promotion of that competition then only you will get more registrations and money. For your promotions, I can use YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, and any other social media because this is very important to earn money by conducting the pubg mobile tournament.

3. Create a Blog about PUBG Mobile Tutorials and Updates:

All game is one of the most popular game so most of the people are searching for the latest updates news tips and tricks regarding the pubg mobile game so, you can create a blog about pubg mobile game find all the latest updates news and tutorials about pubg mobile game you will get massive visitors to your site. When you get visitors and pageviews you can convert that to money by putting advertisement or affiliate ads. 

These are all three ways to earn money by playing PUBG mobile game. If you have any doubts related to pubg mobile game or any other games please let us know in the below comment box. Thank you for your visit.

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