Free Fire Max Advance Server Apk Download 2023 (Activation Code)

Free Fire Max Advance Server Apk Download 2023 (Activation Code)

Free Fire Max Advance Server: Hello friend, are you searching for FF max advance service OB39 Apk for android? Then you are landed in the correct blog post. Here in this article we provide you the complete guide on FF advance server and its features. Just read the complete post and play free fire max advance server game on your device.

free fire max advance server

To know how to register and access advanced server in free fire max then you needs to follow the below guide and steps. To experience the upcoming FF update.

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What is Free Fire Advance Server 2023?

The well-known mobile game, Free Fire Max, includes an Advanced Server that serves as a testing area for new stuff and updates to the game. It is a different version of the game that is made available to just a restricted number of players who have been asked to test the future updates and provide feedback on them. Before making the updates available to the general public, the game creators may use this to their advantage to collect data and gain insights.

Before being allowed to participate on the free fire max advanced server, players are needed to first sign a non-disclosure agreement and the advanced server is often only accessible for a short period of time. The testing of new features and upgrades on a more efficient server helps to guarantee that all Free Fire Max players have a gaming experience that is more fun and runs more smoothly.

Free Fire Max Advance Server Apk Download

Game Name: Garena Free Fire Max

Version:  OB39

Apk file name: Free Fire Max Advance Server

Official Website:  https://ff-advance.ff.garena.com/

Latest Update: 2023 march

Activation Code:  Available

To join in the upcoming FF Max OB39 Advance Server, players must first register for access on the official website and obtain the Activation Code. To help you out, we've compiled a list of resources.

Get instructions from the Free Fire Advance Server site before you begin. If they are interested in going to the site immediately, they can do so by clicking here.

As with this update, both Google and Facebook may be used as part of the sign-up process for players.

Users' accounts will be verified by the service. After this is done, they will be instantly sent to a new page where they may enter information such their email address.

To finish your registration, please click the "Join Now" button.

After a player has registered, they will be sent to a website where they may download the free fire max advance server apk and any accompanying activation codes.

Features of Free Fire Max Advance Server:

FF Garena is in charge of the development of the Free Fire Max Advance Server apk. The p layers of Royal Battle may now try out experimental game modes ahead of other players and YouTube streamers. These special benefits are only available through FF max Advance:

  • The FF max garena development team would appreciate hearing your feedback, which you may do by submitting a bug report.
  • You may learn all you need to know about the impending OB39 releases without spending any money.
  • As an additional bonus, players may receive Gun Skins, free diamonds, titles, costumes, and more for reporting bugs.
  • Free diamonds are awarded to gamers who report bugs and glitches.
  • In addition, numerous executive elite awards, like a Mythic outfit, a room, a character, gun skins, and more, will be given to gamers at no cost.
  • If the player finds a significant issue with OB39, they will be invited to join a secret squad.
  • Now the official apk has been published, users may download it and start interacting with its characters, tools, pets, and other features.

Downloading the Free Fire Max Advance Server APK is recommended if you are a fan of the game and would want to try out new features before anybody else does after reading about the Garena Free Fire max advance server. 

Free Fire Max Advance Server Activation Code/Key

  • W6SQPM8H864M31B9
  • AZN6MH4VUT1P776R
  • 01C5BU16HWO8Z1OD
  • Y04Z88E04JS28SYK
  • 4B7MS42WUJ9QNX1F
  • KDKD8R33GP0880GP
  • HX52P752UY0CG41R

The free fire max advance server OB39 apk was used to compile this list of codes, therefore you can trust that it is accurate. As we said that before, each usage is your one opportunity to do so. When you attempt to activate the server after the client has been released, you will probably be presented with an error message.

Steps for Free Fire Max Registration/Login 

Enter your Facebook or Google credentials on Garena's official FF or Max redemption website.

  • First of all, please simply copy and paste this link (ff-advance.ff.garena.com) into any browser.
  • The Free Fire max advance server will be made available. You'll also see a "LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK" button.
  • Login with any "India/Indonesia server" is required of players. These two  servers will be the first to receive the updates. Every player may access it from any virtual private network (VPN) on Google Play or the App Store.
  • Upon registration, players must fill in the required fields.
  • You are free to use Any Name, Valid Email Address, and Real Phone Number. Next, once you've filled out the form completely, use the "JOIN NOW" button.

That's now you can easily play in advance server and earn more rewards.

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FF Max Advance servers List

  • Indian Server
  • Bangladesh server
  • Vietnam server
  • Indonesia Server
  • Brazil server
  • Mexico Sever (Free Fire-Latam
  • Thailand server
  • Middle East Server
  • Russia Server
  • Taiwan Server
  • Europe server
  • Malaysia
  • Pakistan

FAQ’s on FF Max Advance Server

Is FF Max an advance server?

Free Fire Max players can now download advance server APK files. FF Max Players can find and submit the technical bugs and errors of the game and also get the rewards easily.

How do I use Free Fire max advance server?

Visit the Free Fire Advance Server webpage first. Then click "Login Facebook" to register. The website requests your full name, email, and phone number. Click "Join Now" after entering your information.

Can we play FF Max in Indian server?

Yes, you can play FF max in Indian server.

Final Words:

These are all about the free fire max advance server apk and its activation code. Hope this guide will helps you to play ff max advanced server and get more rewards/diamonds easily. If you have any queries in the above guide please feel free to ask us in the below comment section. Thanks for your visit.

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