How To Reset JioFi Password Manually (New Methods)

How To Reset JioFi Password Manually (New Methods)

Jiofi is a compact broadband device, which is developed by reliance digital. This jiofi dongle permits you to multiple users and mobile phone devices to access the jio network 4G high-speed internet connection and create a personal wifi hotspot. This jiofi is specially designed for Jio sim card users. You cannot use this jiofi dongle in any other network like BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, etc. Which means it does not support other sim cards.

How To Reset JioFi Password Manually 

This Jiofi dongle device can connect you to a minimum of 10 electronic devices and one USB connection, with some models are designed able to support more connections.his small electronic device bridges the gap between your local wifi and 4G jio network and surely it is convenient considering the size of your pocket.

You are a jiofi user then you have a doubt about the reset process of the jiofi dongle, So here we decide to cover the whole details of jiofi. Read the complete procedure to successfully reset this jiofi.

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Features Of Jiofi Dongle:

  • Download speed 150Mbps
  • It supports jio sim card
  • Sms support 
  • It has a powerful 2600mah battery
  • And it has a micro USB port
  • 4G sim wifi connectivity
  • Call support, and much more.

How To Use Jiofi Device: 

Follow the below steps which you can use your jiofi device,

Step-1:First you have to insert a jio sim and also battery into your jiofi device.
Step-2:After that switch on your jiofi device.
Step-3:Now you have to turn on the wifi in your laptops, mobile phone, gaming device cameras for smartphones.
Step-4:Then search the available wifi network.
Step-5:You have to connect to the network name of your jiofi device.
Step-6:You need to type the password as mentioned in the jiofi device. If you want to find the password to open the dongle battery cover, the default password is denoted on the inside panel of the battery cover.
Step-7:Now you are ready to connect to jio high-speed 4G sim card. 

How To Reset Or Restore Jiofi:

  1. First, you have to turn on the Jiofi router.
  2. Open the back panel of your jiofi dongle.
  3. After removing the back cover of this jiofi device search and find the reset button.
  4. Press the reset button or Given WPS button which is placed left side of the dongle.
  5. Take a pen or pin or any other object like a needle(you can also use a sim injected pin), by using this needle press the reset or WPS button for nearly around 30 seconds.
  6. Now connect your personal computer to your Jiofi router.
  7. Then open the internet browser and access the given link, now you can set up your jiofi local html login again if the old configuration is lost.

One of the biggest advantages of this jiofi device is that it turns your entire home and say workplace online. Also, it has rechargeable batteries you can charge it every time. Take your high-speed 4g internet connection with you anywhere. It is totally convenient to place phone calls message through jiofi using the jio join application on your mobile phone or tablet.

Final Words:

Now we entered into the end of this proposal, follow these above steps to connect your jiofi to your device, and also know about the reset or restore process of your jiofi dongle. You are a jio sim network user then this article really helps you. So use this jiofi device for internet connection enjoy its features.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is jiofi monthly cost?

  • This Jiofi postpaid sim card offers unlimited plans of rupees 199 on a monthly basis.

How to reset my jio wifi password?

  • Open your mobile phone
  • Download and install my jio app
  • After installing this app log in to my jio app, select the jio fiber account
  • Hit the menu option which is present in the top left corner 
  • And select the setting option
  • Choose device wait for a few seconds until the fiber router detail appear
  • Then finally hit the wifi connection

IS jiofi good or bad?

  • This jiofi is the worst dongle to get the internet, this device is disconnected frequently and it discharges very fast.

What is WPS in jiofi?

WPS stands for wifi protected setup. This button is present in all wifi and non-wifi modems. This was button is used to connect wireless devices very fastly and easily. So you connect your android smartphone into your jiofi dongle gently press the wps button, It does not require any username and password.

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