How To Get V Badge In Free Fire? New Method 100 % Working

How To Get V Badge In Free Fire? New Method 100 % Working

Fans of Free Fire! Are you ready to advance your in-game experience and demonstrate your amazing abilities to the gaming world? Look no further, for today we're delving into the realm of Free Fire's coveted V badge, an enigmatic emblem of your commitment, talent, and mastery of the game. The V badge, being one of the most coveted achievements in Free Fire, may quickly set you apart from the competition, making you the envy of gamers worldwide. 

We'll uncover the secrets of getting this famous badge and help you handle the hurdles that await you in this detailed guide. So, arm yourself, train your reflexes, and prepare for an exciting trip as you quest for the ultimate status symbol in the world of Free Fire!

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What is v V Badge in Free Fire:

The V Badge is a prominent and highly sought-after in-game accolade in Free Fire that represents a player's talent, devotion, and mastery of the game. This rare badge is only presented to individuals who have demonstrated their abilities in Free Fire by completing a specified series of missions or objectives, which frequently include exhibiting a high level of gaming and strategy. 

Obtaining the V Badge is a testimony to a player's skill in the game, making it a sought-after status symbol that distinguishes them from the competitors. Players that proudly display the V Badge on their profile demonstrate their remarkable skill, hard effort, and dedication to Free Fire, earning them respect and recognition from their peers.

Free fire V badge code:

Copy this symbol code               -Ⓥ
Code For Grandmaster Tier     -S][D][ffd319]Ⓥ[i][FF00045]
Code For Heroic Tier                -[H][A][ffd319]Ⓥ[i][FF0042]
Code For Diamond Tier      -[G][T][ffd319]Ⓥ[i][FF0034]
Code For Platinum Tier      -[H][T][ffd319]Ⓥ[i][FF0043]
Code For Gold Tier              -[b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ[i][FF0000]

How To Use Free Fire V badge code:

  1. Launch the mobile game Free Fire.
  2. On the site, tap the "Profile" area in the upper left-hand corner.
  3. Once more, tap the "Settings icon" in the box's upper left corner. (Box displaying your UID, username, ranking, level, etc.)
  4. A new interface with three choices will appear. Battle Card, Style, and Basic
  5. There is a field labeled "SIGNATURE" in the first selection, which is the "BASIC" option.
  6. Add the V badge code you copied to the table above.
  7. Restart the programme, then log out and re-enter your Free Fire credentials.
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How do you get the V badge in Free Fire:

Obtaining the V Badge in Free Fire might be a difficult feat, but it is doable with effort and determination. While the criteria for achieving the V Badge may vary or be updated.

Here are some general procedures to help you on your way:

Reach the Heroic Tier in Ranked Mode: 

  • Before you may get the V Badge, you must first reach the Heroic Tier in Ranked Mode. This necessitates constant gaming and a mastery of the concepts of Free Fire. Continue to practice, improve your talents, and climb the ranks to reach this milestone.

Maintain a High Kill-to-Death Ratio (K/D): 

  • Because the V Badge is only granted to experienced players, it's critical to have a high K/D ratio. To improve your K/D ratio, work on your gameplay strategy, targeting abilities, and general survivability.

MVP Performance on a Consistent Basis: 

  • Aim to be the MVP (Most Valuable Player) in your matches. An MVP performance not only highlights your abilities but also your capacity to contribute to the success of your team. To maximize your chances of earning the MVP, be a team player, communicate effectively, and encourage your teammates.

Master numerous Characters: 

  • Demonstrate your flexibility in Free Fire by mastering numerous characters. Each character has distinct powers, and learning how to use them successfully may provide you with a competitive advantage in a variety of circumstances.

Participate in Events and Challenges: 

  • Free Fire frequently conducts events and challenges that may lead to the V Badge. Keep an eye out for in-game announcements and activities to boost your chances of obtaining the coveted badge.

Completing Missions:

  • Some missions or objectives may be associated with the V Badge. To move toward acquiring the badge, you must accomplish these assignments.

Practice and dedication are essential for improving your Free Fire talents. Continue to improve your performance by learning from your failures and staying up to speed on game changes and techniques.

What benefits you will get when you have a V badge?

  1. Recognition and Prestige
  2. Increased Credibility
  3. Bragging Rights
  4. Boosted Confidence
  5. Attracting Followers

How to Apply for the V badge in the free fire partners program:

Apply for the Free Fire Partners Program: 

  • You may apply for the Free Fire Partners Program if you've established a solid online presence and have been constantly providing content. 
  • Visit the Garena Free Fire official website or look for the application form on their social media platforms. 
  • Fill up the form with the necessary information, such as your personal information, social network profiles, and any other pertinent information.

Promote and Engage with the Community: 

  • While your application is being processed, keep promoting Free Fire and participating with the community. Display your enthusiasm for the game, assist other content makers, and take part in events and debates. Your dedication to Free Fire and its community will boost your chances of acceptance into the program and eventually obtaining the V Badge.


To summarize, in Free Fire, the V Badge reflects a player's competence, devotion, and mastery. While earning this badge is a difficult task, perseverance, and constant development might lead to achievement. The V Badge provides more than just in-game benefits; it also provides recognition and esteem throughout the gaming community. Pursuing the badge through gaming accomplishments or the Free Fire Partners Program may be difficult, but it will be rewarding in the end. Continue to improve your talents and interact with people, and with perseverance, you can win the V Badge and the recognition that comes with it. Best wishes, and may your journey be full of exciting and unforgettable events!


What is V Badge in Free Fire?

  • V Badge Free Fire - (YouTube: Sudip Sarkar)V Badge in Free Fire means Verified Badge, which specifies the one who owns it is a professionally verified player by Garena. It is mostly owned by professional players and YouTubers who participate in Garena LAN events and other major tournaments.

How do I get the V badge code?
  • Free Fire V Badge Code Free: If you play Free Fire, you must have often seen that a friend of yours or a big player has a V Badge which very few players have got till now.

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